Innovation of Education in the 3rd defence of the 21 st century

Innovation of Education in the 3rd defence of the 21 st century

Innovation of education in the 3rd defence of the 21st centery with the companion of Armstrong vinyl flooring

2020 is the year of disruption and upheaval, directly affecting the economy, culture, health,... of countries around the world. Education is also heavily influenced, through the perceptions and ideals of the younger generation. Armstrong Flooring continues its partnership with research firm WGSN to identify four ideas to consider that will disrupt and change the education industry.

The first is a comparison of children's use of outdoor time and electronic devices. Children are spending less and less time outdoors, instead using too much equipment and doing less physical activity, which increases the risk of mental disorders as they enter adulthood. Therefore, promoting connection with nature, creating classrooms and developing outdoors instead of traditional classrooms has been applied. For example, at Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy, the image of hardwood has been used in the design to create freedom and stimulate the exploration of nature for students.

The second is the awareness and need for education of Gen Z (1996 - 2010). This is the generation that accepts many progressive ideals and clearly expresses their views in education. 75% of Gen Z believe there are other ways to get an education than going to college. Meeting Gen Z requires a flexible and tailored learning environment that allows them to gain real-world experience. East Baton Rouge Career and Technology Education Center is the epitome of success for this type of hands-on education. The educational space here is easily adapted for different purposes, bringing diversity to students in learning and research.

Third is the importance of maintaining proper spacing in the design. With the complicated COVID-19 situation, schools opted for an open design and used partitions to create separate spaces for different needs. Increasing high value spaces with proper spacing, infection control is currently a top priority in education and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Finally, create a space for positive emotional regulation. The 2018 Allstate Foundation study found that 49% of US high school students claiming that school doesn't help them understand their own feelings. Therefore, designing spaces that create peace and positivity in emotions has been a popular and important trend in the future. In addition, a biologically-oriented space, bringing the natural world into education helps improve mental and physical health for students.

Positive emotional control is an issue that education has been researching and perfecting. In order to provide an ideal learning environment, the design plays an important role for the sensory balance of students.

Armstrong vinyl flooring is always improving and accompanying the change of education, providing inspiring and creative spaces, ensuring safety in both physical and mental health.

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