ARDEX 291 is a single componet, low modulus non sagging elastomeric polyurethane sealant ideally for expansion and construction joint applications. After application, the sealant cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable rubber seal.


It can be used for sealing metal frame, aluminium windows, various joint sealing of PC or RC, granite, marble and sandstone joints.



Granite, marble and sandstone



In general, the substrate or joint must be clean, firm and free of dust, moisture, loose particles, oil and grease, asphalt, tar, paint, wax, rust, waterproofing, curing compound and membrane materials.


Clean joint saw cut and control joints of dust, the joint width should be designed for a maximum of ±50% movement. The depth of the sealant should be ½ the width of the joint. THe maximum depth is 13mm and the minimum is 6mm. In deep joints, the sealant depth must be controlled by closed cell backer rod or joint filler. Where the joint depth does not permit the use of backer rod, a bond-breaker (polyethylene strip) must be used to prevent three-point bonding. Soft backer rod should be approximately 25% larger in diameter that the joint width.


In most situations, priming is not necessary. However, for non-porous surfaces prime with ARDEX P82. One thin coat should be applied using a clean, dry brush ensuring complete coverage.


ARDEX 291 must be applied between 30 minutes to 3 hours after priming depending upon the climatic conditions. If the primed surface cured more than 3 hours, the surfaces need to be re-primed before applying the sealant. ARDEX 291 should be applied by means of a caulking gun. Extrude the sealant firmly into the joint to ensure complete contact with joint surfaces. Tool off the sealant by using a tooling stick. Remove masking tape immediately after tooling.


ARDEX 291 is packed in a aluminum foil sausage - 600ml net volume. 20 sausages per box.

ARDEX 291 has a shelf life of not less than 12 months when stored in the original, unopened packaging, in a dry place at at 23ºc and 50% relative humidity. Avoid exposure to humidity or temperature above 50ºc for long time.
Pay attention to the following:

•    Do not use it for glazing works

•    Do not use soapy water for tooling

•    Do not applied sealant for immersion, such as swimming pools, spas etc.


For 10mm X 10mm joint size, 600ml of ARDEX 291 will cover approx. 6 metre.


ABA 291Y contains isocyanates. The use of protective gloves during application is recommended.

Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid skin and eye contact. If uncured material makes contact with the eye, flush with clean water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice.

In case of hand contact, first wipe the hand with solvent before curing, then wash with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children.

For further material safety data, consult the latest material safety data sheet.


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