Ardex WPM 816R

ARDEX WPM 816R is a two-component, high-solids, tar-based, two-component exopy coating that reacts with organic amine compounds, suitable for steel and concrete structures in further applications. contact with chemicals and immerse in water permanently.

Application area:
Sewage treatment tank
Septic tank
Good adhesion to the surface
Easy to construct and economical
Excellent chemical resistance
Good resistance to abrasion
Usage norms:
0.5kg / m2 / 2 layers

Expiry date: 12 months
Construction steps:
Surface preparation: Concrete must have a minimum strength of 20N / mm2, the surface must be free from oil, grease and other contaminants.
New concrete needs at least 14 days of curing, old and dirty concrete must be treated with a surface treatment sprayer or grinded to remove
remove impurities.
Product mixing: Separately mix component A and B with a high-power mixer, then pour component B onto component A and
Mix well, do not mix more ingredients than can be worked on during the life of the product
Ardex WPM 415 Application: Ardex 816R is applied using a brush, roller or spray device.
thick wet paint overlap 50%. Weld seams and seams. Subsequent coatings encourage application of the product with two coats
covered. Apply the final coat according to the dry wait time. To ensure the adhesion strength between the coats, the paint should be applied
Second coat should be applied as soon as possible after a minimum time of 4 hours.

Technical data:

Solids ratio

75 +/-5%

Number of ingredients

2 ingredients

Mixing ratio

16 Part A và 4 Part B

Recommended coating thickness4m2 / liter with DFT dry film thickness of 200 microns
Dry time

Between construction class - 12 o'clock

Completely dry time - 7 days

Operation time2 hours (varies depending on temperature)
Temperature resistanceContinuous exposure at 39 degrees C, intermittent at 150 degrees C