Avoid Slippery Vinyl Flooring

Advancing in anti-slip technology, Armstrong has developed a number of flooring lines that not only meet safety requirements in areas with slippage levels R10, R11, R12 but also ensure cleaning and maintenance functions. For example, cafeterias, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

 SizeSlippery resistanceColorStructure
Accolade Safe1,83m x 16m x 2mmR1012Homegeneous
Accolade Foothold1,83m x 16m x 2mmR1130Homegeneous
Safe Guard2 m x 15-20m x 2mmR10, R11, R1219Homegeneous
Connection corlon1.83m x 15-25m x 2mm (wear layer 1.35mm)R1023Inlaid vinyl flooring
Possibility1.83m x 25m x 2mm
 (wear layer 1mm)
R1024Inlaid vinyl flooring