Floor-mounted protection - wall protection system Gradus

What is floor-mounted protection?

The floor mounted protection is one of the accessories in wall protection systems installed on the floor, designed to protect the wall against from impact of the wheel or mobile vehicle.

Which is the floor-mounted protection Gradus brand?

The floor-mounted protection includes floor rails, bollards, and posts Which using for interior–exterior design and can combine with other Gradus protection products to provide a complete solution.

Some kinds of floor-mounted protection:

Stainless steel floor rail system

  • Floor rail is suitable for interior use and provides the ideal protection solution for surfaces that suit wall fixings, such as counters and glass partitions.

  • Floor systems are specifically designed for keeping wheeled traffic away from the walls and can help create a sophisticated, unobtrusive finish for a modern design scheme

Stainless steel Bollard

  • Ideal alternative to wall guards where surface fixings are not suitable such as counters, refrigeration units, isolated equipment, and doors in hold open position. It is suitable for interior use.

Galvanised Steel Bollard with Cover Kits

  • Interior and exterior use. Covers are suitable for all weather temperatures

  • A range of heavy-duty steel core bollards with high visibility cover kits offering a high-performance, low-maintenance solution with no repainting required

  • Color of cover kits: Black/yellow, green/white, and red/white

Steel Core Protection Posts

  • Interior and exterior use. Suitable for all weather temperatures

  • A range of protection posts offering a medium-impact, low-cost alternative to high-impact bollards. The goal for protecting pedestrian doors, corners, and vulnerable services and provide a low-maintenance solution as they do not require repainting

Flexible Protection Posts

  • Interior and exterior use

  • Gradus Flexible Posts are designed to help control traffic flow and safely navigate vehicles in areas where occur the risk of impact is high. They are ideal for guiding trolleys and wheeled traffic in back-of-house service areas and controlling vehicle movement in confined underground car parks.


  • Hospital, School, Hospitality, Office & Factory