Handrail, dual rails, and combination rails – wall protection systems Gradus

What are the handrail, dual rails, and combination rails?

Gradus handrails, Dual Rails, and combination rails are designed to offer pedestrian guidance and support with a small element of wall protection, used in the interior, and horizontal circulation areas. The handrails can be also combined with wall guards or the other profiles from the range to provide a complete protection solution.
They are suitable for use in a wide range of environments including education, healthcare, commercial office, and transport.
Depending on the types and levels of both pedestrian and wheeled traffic, we will select the style of profile.

How many handrails are in the wall protection system of Gradus?

Gradus – One of the supplying wall protection systems in the UK design suitable handrail depending on every traffic and every level of traffic included in Handrail, Dual Rails, and Combination Rails.

Handrail Gradus

The handrail is a traditional handrail design available in a range of materials and finishes including PVC-u, aluminum, timber, and stainless steel bringing a comfortable, smooth, continuous grip feeling. 
The handrail meets the guidance for dimensions concerning grip diameter, distance from the wall, and bracket clearance and also meets the guidelines set out in Health Building Notes 00-04 and 00-10 (Department of Health Estates & Facilities).
Some types of materials of handrail Gradus:

Dual Rail

The design of dual rail has combined a choice of the traditional handrail with a PVC-u wall guard linked together with a choice of specialist brackets, they meet the specific needs of healthcare environments and same as the handrail when meeting the guidelines set out in Health Building Notes 00-04 and 00-10 (Department of Health Estates & Facilities).
Some types of materials of dual rail Gradus:

Combination rails Gradus

Combination rails are combined as a single profile with features of a handrail and wall guardIt offers both direct and indirect protection against impact from wheeled traffic and also features a comfortable grip and thumb groove to provide reassuring pedestrian support and guidance.
The frame of combination rails is included in:
- PVC-u cover
- Aluminium retainers
- A full range of finishing accessories
Some types of combination rails Gradus: