Armstrong Flooring’s Hybrid / VALEMOUNT Rigid Core Flooring combines maximum durability with showstopping designs. Our VALEMOUNT Flooring is a great choice for people who want flooring that looks as realistic as possible while providing protection from dents, water, scratches and stains — the challenges of life that floors face daily. The reason that VALEMOUNT flooring flooring performs so well is because of how it's made. Hybrid layered construction combines the best attributes of multiple flooring types to bring you all the features you could want in a floor.

 SizeThicknessOverall thicknessNote
Wood grain228mm x 1220mm5mm/6.5mm (+1.5mm foam backing)0.3/0.5mm 
Veinstone305mm x 610mm5mm/6.5mm (+1.5mm foam backing)0.3/0.5mm 
Do follow the request228mm x 1220mm 305mm x 610mm4mm/ 5mm (+1mm foam backing)0.3/0.5mmMOQ 2000m2

Technical Data

Product nameStandardProperties
Natural Creations- SPC Locking SystemGB/T 34440 
Appearance Wood grain, stone pattern
Product dimensions 305mm*610mm(stone pattern); 228mm* 1220mm (Wood grain)
Overal thickness 6.5 mm
Wear layer thickness 0.5mm
Lock type  Valinge 2G locking system
Safety performance  
Pollution and chemical reagent resistanceISO 26987Qualified
Limit of harmful substancesGB/T 34440Qualified
Peel strengthGB/T 34440Average value ≥ 75N/50mm, single value ≥ 70N/50mm
Flame retardanceGB 8624Bf1-s1
Slip resistance levelDIN 51130≥ R9
Performance data  
Length deviationGB/T 34440≤228.6mm, ±0.2mm; 228.6<ln<304.8mm, ±0.3mm;  >304.8mm; ±0.5mm
Width deviation  
Overall thickness deviationISO 24346+0.13/-0.10mm, limit +/- 0.15mm
Wear layer thickness deviationISO 24340“Average value: +13%/10%, maximum value not exceeding +0.10mm; -0.10mm; Single value: ≤0.05mm or 15% below the average value”
SquarenessISO 24342>400mm, ≤+/-0.35mm; <400mm, ≤+/-0.25mm
Residual IndentationGB/T 34440≤ 0,40mm
Dimensional stability after heatingISO 23999≤ 0,25%
Color fastnessGB/T 34440≥ 6
Warping due to coldness and heatGB/T 34440≤2mm
Wear resistanceGB/T 34440Group T
Chemical resistance/ Stain resistanceEN ISO 26987:2012No stain
Castor wearEN 649Pass
Environmental Specifications  
VOC TestISO 16000≤8 ug/m3 after 28 days
Heavy MetalEN-71-3Pass


Scratch resistance, impact resistance
Authentic pattern
Fire protection
Against termites
Sound reduction