Wall cladding - wall protection systems Gradus

Wall cladding – the accessory Durability, Hygiene, and Aesthetics in the interior design

Wall cladding has been lauched to meet the demand in decoration and hygienic design of some necessary applications such as hospitals, schools, or hospitality BOH areas
Wall cladding is also one of the accessories of wall protection systems providing a durable and defensive layer designed to protect large surfaces from scuffs and scrapes, generally caused by pedestrians and movable objects such as chairs, trolleys, and tables.

Why should we use the wall cladding Gradus brand?

Gradus offers a choice of wall cladding in many materials, color options, and finishes to coordinate with most interior design schemes suitable for many applications.

What are the benefits of wall cladding Gradus brand?

Durable: An embossed finish product provides high resistance to impact damage.
Hygiene: With Inert materials minimize the growth of bacteria and create an impermeable barrier to moisture
Aesthetic: A variety of materials, color options, patterns, and styles make the appearance of building interiors to be enhanced.

How many kinds of wall cladding is Gradus brand?

There are some kinds of wall cladding Gradus brand:
The product has some thicknesses as 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5m. The sheet size of wall cladding is designed by Gradus and customized according to the customer.