Wall Guards, Wall Strip - Wall protection system Gradus

Why do we need to have protection systems for walls and flooring?

To protect surfaces such as walls, corners, and doors against damage caused by the general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic, installing wall protection systems is essential in most designs. Besides damage occurring on walls can vary dramatically from scuffs, scratches, and scrapes caused by pedestrian and wheeled traffic, They also help reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall aesthetics of a building and they are ideal for use in a wide range of environments including education, healthcare, commercial, retail, hospitality and leisure environments. 

Why should you choose the wall protection systems of the Gradus brand?


Gradus has been supplying solution wall protection systems for nearly two decades in the international market and is proud of being one of the UK's most extensive wall protection systems.


What are the wall cladding systems?

Wall cladding systems are gathered with many kinds of protection products included in wall guards and wall strips against damage from pedestrian and wheeled traffic such as trolleys, wheelchairs, hospital beds, carts, and other mobile equipment. 
Depending on two aspects application and environment, and the level and type of traffic, we will select the type and number of wall guards suitable.

PVC-u Modular Wall Guards

It is a modular design in construction including covers and accessories which are replaceable, colored, and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion
It is suitable for use in busy working environments such as hospital circulation areas, wards, and corridors.

Wall Strips

This is a cost-effective alternative solution for wall guards to protect against rubs and scuffs in areas such as waiting rooms, accommodation, classrooms, and canteens which are typically caused by chairs, tables, and other movable objects

Rubber Wall Guards

It was using in both interior and exterior environments such as manufacturing, warehousing, loading bays, and service corridors against damage from wheeled traffic such as trolleys and carts.

Stainless Steel Wall Guards

Material stainless steel and high-tech finish make it modern to enhance interior designs
Because hygienic nature of the profiles makes them ideal for use in environments such as healthcare, food and pharmaceutical preparation, and manufacturing facilities.