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With the civil engineer background, General Director - Mr. Vo Minh Chuong has held senior positions in leading construction companies in Vietnam and achieved solid recognition. In 2014, with passion and steadfastness, HOANG CHUONG WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION TRADING COMPANY LTD was born to become a trusted place of customers in the nationwide market.

Operating in 3 main fields are Flooring, Roofing and Waterproofing. Since its launch, Hoang Chuong has brought new values to the construction materials market by providing world-class products with professional method statement, to create sustainable values for customers. Thanks to transparency and focus on quality, Hoang Chuong quickly became a prestigious and sought-after partner in many high-end projects such as: Intel Vietnam Factory, FV Hospital, Alma Resort Cam Ranh, Ha Do Centrosa Garden, Vietnamese-German University (VGU), etc.

Hoang Chuong set out his mission is contributing to create sustainable constructions where people can experience comfort, convenience, safety and be responsible with environment. This concept seems simple, but in fact, Hoang Chuong team must to have the knowledge about material to choose materials that are not only suitable for function but also meet green standards. In additions, we also offer the suitable method of statement to ensure compliance with local realities. Customer satisfaction is a valuable motivation for Hoang Chuong to continue to devote and deliver quality works.

Besides, Hoang Chuong always strives to create a dynamic working environment to promote employee development through trust and empowerment. This helps employees navigate their careers through practical projects and workplace training programs.

Our Values: The motto of Hoang Chuong Ltd is : "Build value, Create future", our goal is to create value and guarantee for customer satisfaction with comprehensive and professional solutions.
• Teamwork
• Perseverance
• Transparency
• Technical expertise

Our Journey:
• 2014: HOANG CHUONG was established
• 2015: Become the official distributor of two brands Firestone Building Product (USA) and Armstrong Flooring (USA) in Vietnam
• 2016: Become the official distributor of Ardex brand (Germany) in Vietnam
• 2021: Become the official distributor of Ekovnwood brand (Malaysia)

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 Mr. Vo Minh Chuong
Mr. Vo Minh Chuong

General Director

Mr. Pham Cao Hieu
Mr. Pham Cao Hieu

Project Manager

Mr. Nguyen Ba Nhan
Mr. Nguyen Ba Nhan

Tender & Technical Manager

Operation Fields


Consulting and supplying modern Flooring solutions including: Vinyl floor, Rigid core floor, Engineered wood floor, Carpet, Raised floor and others


Provides modern roof systems using TPO/EPDM membrane system according to US standards, suitable for projects with large scale or complex design such us factories, hypermarkets, airports, exhibitions center,...


Provides a total and professional waterproofing solution for high-rise building & complex centers,...
Waterproofing solutions for landscape

Flooring Materials

- Vinyl Flooring
- Rigid Core Flooring
- Engineered Flooring
- Other Flooring Materials

Roofing Systems include

- Ultraply TPO Roofing System
- Rubbergard EPDM Roofing System

Waterproofing solutions for:

- High-rise Bulding
- Complex Center
- Landscape (Pond Lining; Green Wall; Green Roof...


Hoang Chuong

Hoang Chuong



Authorized distributor of Firestone Building Product (USA) and Armstrong Flooring (USA) in Vietnam.


Authorized distributor of Ardex (Germany)


Authorized distributor of EkoVNwood (Malaysia)