What is Antistatic vinyl flooring?

Pastell Conductive / ESD vinyl flooring is divided into 2 groups: conductive with 104 -106 Ohm resistance and Electrostatic Dispersing (ESD) group with resistance from 104 -106 Ohm, widely used in the field. technology and healthcare, helping to protect people, prevent damage to critical equipment and minimize data errors for medical machines susceptible to static electricity.

Classification of antistatic vinyl flooring:

ESD: 106 -109 Ohm surface resistance

Conductive: surface resistance is 104 -106 Ohm

Conductive floors have lower resistance, have faster electrostatic dissipation, suitable for areas with a high risk of generating static electricity or areas that need better protection.

Application of anti-static vinyl flooring for which areas?

ESD: Electronic assembly area, computer room, school

Conductive: Operating room, High sensitive electronic assembly area, computer room, ...