Modulyss Cappet

Modulyss is a Belgian carpet tiles manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, based in Zele. As a member of Balta Group with 250 employees and operations in 95 countries, Modulyss focuses on developing premium lines.

Modulyss focuses on post-product stories, developing ideas and concepts to help designers build proposals for each project. Modulyss products have a variety of colors, structures and textures that combine harmoniously.

We are always aiming for the combination of creativity, superior functionality and sustainability. Bring to the collection for quieter spaces, cleaner air or reduce energy consumption.

Metallic carpet

Metallics carpet line is braided with triangular structure fibers, which can be scattered under light to create a very natural sparkling effect.

Flat woven carpet

The Flat weave line of flat weave rugs is the result of the challenge of cutting 2/3 nylon compared to the standard line of level loop pile rugs. Flat weave yarns are woven using minituft technology, with short fiber height. Sturdy fiber construction withstands the heavy wheel strength.


Carpet color transition

The Transitions carpet line is a collection of transition colors, creating seamless, seamless, seamless transitions. Very soft color transitions, easily coordinated to create unique floor designs