Entrance Cappet

The world's largest brand of entrance mats comes from the Netherlands.

Almelose Brush Industry (ABI) is an icon in the field of engineering brushes and entrance mats. Founded in 1910, ABI has gone through three generations and is continuing to grow to the fourth generation to become the world's number one supplier in the field.

ABI's entrance mats have been made available to customers worldwide and are already present in more than 45 countries. ABI not only manufactures and sells, but also provides professional measurement consulting and installation guidance.

The ABI entrance mat is used at the building entrance to help prevent dirt and moisture from the outside, keep the building facade clean and aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip and safe, and reduce maintenance costs.


Aluminum frame
Inlay: brush (nylon 6.6), rubber, carpet, ..
Connection strip: PVC

BrushNylon 6.6This material has the property of returning to its original shape when going up16 
CappetNylon fiberDiamond quality12 
Needle punchThickness of 10 mmRetains dust and water3
Rubber EPDM rubberRibbed rubber for anti-slipBlack


Keep the entrance hall clean
The ability to prevent dirt and moisture from shoes, ABI dustproof mats not only keeps the front hall area clean, but also is not affected by outside factors.
Fire protection
All ABI entrance carpets are tested according to the European fire rating ladder, and meet safety standards. Some lines also reach the highest fire resistance grade of the carpet line is Bfl-s1 grade
Avoid slippery
A key feature of the ABI entrance mat is its slip resistance, especially on wet days like the rainy season.
Environmental friendliness
ABI attaches great importance to environmental factors and always improves production processes to be environmentally friendly, such as using recycled materials or producing products that can be recycled after use.
Design logo on request
Experience is a brush expert with a collection of more than 16 colors. ABI can produce logos on entrance mats for complex designs.