What is Hybrid n-COAT ?

HYBRID n-COAT is a hybrid coating synthesized of inorganic component as the main component and organic component as the sub-component through molecular unit reaction. It not only exhibits inorganic properties such as fire resistance, high hardness, abrasion resistance and acid resistance, but also exhibits organic properties such as water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, toughness and shock resistance. Furthermore, HYBRID n-COAT is far superior strength, abrasion resistance, and anti-stain properties compared to former epoxy and polyurethane coatings, HYBRID n-COAT is the ultimate solution for your flooring needs.

Characteristics :

• Anti-flammable membrane (Heat resistance).
• Excellent workability with quick reaction & hardening.
• High slip resistance & low friction sound (Possible non-slip coating with aggregate).

• Excellent abrasion resistance due to high strength of membrane.
• Excellent water, alkali, acid, chemical and solvent resistance.
• Increasing durability of concrete & other substrate.
• Good adhesion and durability to various substrate (Concrete, SL, Epoxy, Tile, PVC, steel).


• Multiplex where is sensitive to fire, underground parking lot, shopping mall, station building, terminal, museum, computer center, public of offices.
• Underground parking lot of residential complex where require fire resistance and anti-flammable property.
• Floor of plant, warehouse and office.
• Surface strengthening & aesthetic improving of PVC tile, Epoxy floor tile, marble.