Elevate (Firestone) UltraPly TPO Roofing Membrane

What is UltraPly TPO roofing membrane ?

UltraPly TPO roofing membrane by Elevate (Firestone) is a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing membrane, capable of reflecting heat and saving energy, providing resistance to UV, ozone

Introduced around the 1990s, TPO membrane that are free of plasticizers and halogens, with outstanding heat sealing and durability, have become the  optimal choice  for industrial and commercial roofs to this day.

Manufacturer: Elevate (Firestone Building Product)

Origin: USA



Applications of Elevate (Firestone) UltraPly TPO roofing membrane

UltraPly TPO membrane is a very effective waterproofing option for flat, low-slope roofs or complex roof systems with large apertures such as:

- Factory (technology, pharmaceutical, food..)

- Hypermarket, shopping mall


- Sport Complex


- Airport

PO membrane can also be constructed on surfaces: reinforced concrete floor, corrugated iron floor, wooden roof floor, cement board.

Outstanding advantages of Elevate UltraPly TPO membrane (Firestone)

Outstanding waterproofing, water tight, air tight


Superior weatherability, UV resistance, Ozon resistance

Ease of application


Outstanding durability more than 20 years


Saving energy thanks to good reflectivity of sunlight


Environment friendly

Besides, can be apply for green roof

Product line:

With the TPO Firestone roof system, the maximum width is up to 3.05 m and 30.50 m for the length, with different thicknesses with 2 standard colors: White and blue.

Technical data:

MembraneEU SizesUS SizesUnit
PropertyTest MethodDeclared value*Unit
WatertightnessEN 1928 (B)Pass 
Tensile strength (L/T)EN 12311-2≥ 800N/50 mm
Elongation at break (L/T)EN 12311-2≥ 20%
Resistance to static load - soft substrateEN 12730 (A)≥ 20kg
Resistance to static load - hard substrateEN 12730 (B)≥ 20kg
Resistance to impact - soft substrateEN 12691 (B)≥ 2000mm
Resistance to impact - hard substrateEN 12691 (A)≥ 500mm
Tear resistance (L/T)EN 12310-2≥ 400N
Joint peel resistanceEN 12316-2≥ 300N/50 mm
Joint shear resistanceEN 12317-2≥ 800N/50 mm
Foldability at low temperatureEN 495-5≤ -40°C
UV exposureEN 1297Pass (≥ 7500h) 
Resistance to root penetrationEN 13948Pass 
Reaction to fireEN 13501-1E 
External fire performanceEN 13501-5BROOF(t1)/ BROOF(t3)* 


Typical project application of TPO membrane system provided and constructed by Hoang Chuong 

- Mega Market Hiep Phu Supermarket, HCMC - view here

- Sapporo Factory - View here